Friday, May 1, 2009


Mondays are hard. It’s hard to get up early after two days of sleeping later than usual. It’s hard to get back in the groove of work. “Where did I leave off when I left work on Friday?” “What was I supposed to do today?” Try processing all of this when you’re a doofus.

One Monday morning I pulled into Doofus’ driveway and parked the car to wait for Pat and Doofus. It was my day to drive and within minutes Doofus and Pat were buckled in and we were heading down the road towards work. It was an uneventful morning. Doofus was on time and the conversation wasn’t particularly memorable. We got to work and less than ten minutes after sitting down in my office Doofus peeks in my cubicle and says, “Uh… hey. I forgot I had a training seminar today in Metropolis.”

I looked at Doofus dumbfounded not knowing what to say. I certainly wasn’t letting Doofus take my car 40 miles away to Metropolis for a seminar… even if it was only for the day.

Doofus sees the perplexed look on my face and says, “Lewey [the unfortunate person married to Doofus] is going to come and pick me up. I’ll take Lewey home and then go to the seminar.”

“What’s the training seminar for?” I ask.

“Managing Multiple Projects”, Doofus tells me.

Obviously Doofus has a lot to learn… as long as Doofus remembers where to go.

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