Tuesday, June 2, 2009


You’ve probably caught onto the fact that Doofus has a tendency to forget things and as it has been demonstrated… people. There’s been many a time that Pat and I will be sitting in the car waiting for Doofus to join us and we watch in annoyance as Doofus comes strolling out the door, fumble through a few boxes in the garage, open up a car’s door or trunk or even start the task of putting toys and tools back where they belong. Now I’m all for tidiness, but doing it while we’re waiting to continue on our way to work is not the appropriate time to practice organizational skills. As can be expected, most of the fumbling has less to do with tidiness and more to do with Doofus having misplaced something.

One morning we thought we had made it out of the driveway without incident when as soon as we started down the road we had to turn around to go back and get Doofus’ eyeglasses. I can understand this happening when someone doesn’t need to wear eyeglasses all of the time. (Maybe just for reading or just for driving.) But unfortunately Doofus does wear them all the time and in this situation where Doofus wasn’t wearing eyeglasses, Doofus was the one driving.

But Pat and I have gotten so use to this routine that we now take bets and play the game “what will Doofus forget today”. We bet on whether the Franklin planner will be forgotten. I won 50-cents on this one. We bet on how many car doors, car trunks and boxes will be opened before getting into the car. We bet on whether another trip back into the house will be needed.

Recently Doofus came out of the house with a cup of coffee, got in the car, started to get settled and then of course remembered that something was left in the house. Doofus left the planner on the car seat but took the cup of coffee back into the house. We proceeded to place new bets on whether Doofus would forget and leave the cup of coffee in the house requiring a second return trip. Remarkably Doofus remembered the coffee… and I owe Pat a quarter.

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nancy n said...

how far did you let doofus get without the glasses? from what i have heard it would have no bearing on the safeness of the drive, unless you were in bumper cars!